photo series 263-03 (focus on latex erotica)

love in latex with the two girls : one catsuit + hood for Mina & Anaïs who is blind to live her fetish fantasy … total enclosure & lesbian erotica !

photo series 263-03 by Jerome Duplessis - picture for the blog @latexculture #latex #erotica

175 images starring Mina + Anaïs
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It’s time to bring back the exclusive content produced for Latex Culture on the original website … if you don’t know the story, I had to close my websites in 2016 and use to share these archives & memories. WordPress terminated my blog after seven years without any problem or warning before this act of censorship. Now that I can self-host like in the past, I decided to start a new blog to repost my pics and vids on LC.

Let’s begin with session 263-03, fully reposted in a single archive. You will get the pics + behind the scenes content previously added and commented on ILFG. I want to make it simple and complete by building one unique post for you. I also included the classic version (SD), which contains more shots than a selection of my favorites released in premium quality. This format was introduced after several years of production to offer a better resolution for my members.

latex images commentary @ilovefrenchgirls

As you know, I started ILFG after shutting down my websites and shared several photo series shot for Captive Culture before releasing another part of my work. I launched Latex Culture in 2003 as a place dedicated to latex fetish only. It served as a laboratory for me, and the content differed significantly from its sibling. Besides the BDSM universe, I explored my taste for shiny clothes with outdoor shootings and experiments. LC wasn’t bad, but my photography skills weren’t good enough to meet my expectations. Today, while proud of several Captive Culture sessions, I don’t feel the same about Latex Culture. Some LC photos are good, but they should have been technically better.

I made several mistakes, but the main one was dividing my production. Before, I had two different schedules with one model for each date. This wasn’t a good idea because the most interesting sessions required two girls … just because latex fetish is far better with some action. After a while, I realized a change was needed and started shooting CC & LC on the same day. This helped achieve better results on both sites, simply because we could split the day into several sequences. For example, that day, we started with Anaïs playing with Mina for two bondage photo sets before dressing the two girls in latex. Nothing complicated … just two girls having fun together.

latex session commentary @ilovefrenchgirls

It’s time to share some “Behind the Scenes” pictures from this session with Mina & Anaïs. Back in 2006, for the third set of our shooting day … no more bondage & vibrator for Mina, she was free to play with her favorite partner. I planned to capture pics & vids of the two girls fully dressed in latex. Anaïs had already done several duo sessions with Mina, so I thought it would be playful to use a hood without any holes for her blue eyes.

Sensory deprivation intrigued Anaïs, especially when kissed & vibed by Mina. Needless to say, Mina & Anaïs had a lot of fun in front of the lens & under the spotlights ! Two additional videos are included in this archive … in the first one, Anaïs made us laugh with her way of using the holes of her latex hood to see around her, and we also talk about some fetish productions that were so popular at that time. Of course, it will be better for the french viewers.

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Let’s talk about this archive now … because this session has been captured in 2006, it has been published in both resolutions and didn’t have to be remastered like some older sets. You are probably aware that we shot one movie taking the pictures. I will repost it shortly in another category : the blog needs to be organized with my photo series & full length movies both separate. Sometimes, I shot some images and/or videos but there were no rules : some movies were filmed without taking any picture then it’s hard to mix all this in one unique post.

Mina & Anaïs shared a mutual attraction that I captured several times through our sessions : that day, Mina got the control and teased Anaïs with a lot of kisses … the magic wand vibrator helped to please her lovely friend. It was the perfect way to conclude several hours of shooting, don’t you think so ? As usual, I hope you will appreciate these pics : you can click on the download icon below, uncompress my zip file on your device before to enjoy your viewing. Please note the magnifying glass icon (top of this post) allows you to browse this session online …

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by Jerome Duplessis


shot on 2006, October 20
published on Latex Culture

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  1. Your work is always lovely. There is emotion and feeling in their expressions. They are enjoying themselves and having the best experience anyone could hope for. The viewer always wishes they were there.


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