I wanted to shoot more fetish content with my models exploring my love for shiny clothes … Latex Culture was created on 2002, November 21 as secondary website.

photo series 291-01 by Jerome Duplessis - picture for the blog page STORY @latexculture

I wanted to try something new : no bondage, outdoor sessions, and lots of latex outfits. After a while, I realized it was too difficult to produce this kind of content working alone. Then, I focused my secondary website on rubber restraint and sensual interactions between two girls.

Thirteen years later, I had to close Latex Culture in 2016. Later, I started to bring back the best of my production on ilovefrenchgirls which has been like a rescue boat in the storm. After being censored by WordPress, I decided to reactivate this domain name and repost my archives on latexculture where this content was originally published.

I shot more than 100 photo series for my members. Most of them are still good to watch because Latex Culture started later than Captive Culture. Of course, I prefer to share my favorite sessions.

Beyond photography, I also made several movies. SD quality is not so bad when the action is cool, and I had the chance to capture a lot of nice scenes. If you know my work, there’s no need to mention the videos starring Mina and Anaïs.

My models were really interested in latex, and some of them explored this fantasy even further. I hope you will enjoy these girls in shiny clothes with high heels or tight catsuit + strict corset … and what about heavy rubber & total enclosure ?